Top 10 Tuesday – Wedding Favors

Let’s talk wedding favors.

You want the kind of favor that says, ‘we appreciate you coming to celebrate our big day and want to give you this little something to show our gratitude,’ but at the same time, you don’t want the favor left behind or to end up in the trash.

Feeling a little stumped? We have several ideas that can get you thinking so you can nail that perfect guest favor.


Mini Bottles: We love the mini bottle guest favors! So easy to add a touch of personalization with a cute straw, ribbon, or even a customized label. When picking this favor, consider who your guests are. Are they the type to enjoy a bottle of champagne, or would mints and soda pop fit them better?


Pampering Items: You can never go wrong with sending your guest home with items they’ll actually use on a day-to-day basis. Some of our favorites include lip balm, oils, soap, lotions, and body sprays. When picking one of these items, consider a clever little line to attach with it, ‘The perfect Blend,’ or even, ‘Our love is the balm!’ Who doesn’t love a good cheesy, but adorable line?


Local Touch: This is a great place to bring your destination into your event. The most popular items we see for this are coffee beans, hot sauce, and honey. Coffee beans tied up in cute bags, with a custom or DIY tag or stamp (etsy rocks for this!) with – what else? – another adorable line! “The Perfect Blend”.  I like that this favor really does get used and enjoyed. I often hear back from guests that they made this their “special Sunday coffee” for a couple weeks after the wedding – along with a request to know how to have more sent to the States!


Sweet Treats: Local bakeries can provide something sweet. A midnight snack for guests to enjoy once back in their rooms. Cake pops, chocolate truffles, etc.. Or if you or your family have a special recipe this is an area you can DIY for a personal touch. Mini bags of s’more ingredients to continue the party if you have a location that allows a bonfire. “S’more Love” anyone?


Seeds: Seed packets that guests can plant when they get home is a great way for them to keep an ongoing memento from your wedding getaway memories. It also contributes if you have an eco-theme, and is in keeping with Costa Rica’s eco-focus.


Household Items: Custom made candles are sure to be a favorite. Try a tropical scent such as coconut or mango. Coasters are another great choice. A bride that had a lot of bamboo elements in her wedding included bamboo coasters in her guests welcome bags. Great way to keep her style consistent across the board, and sure to make your guests smile with memories every time they are used at home.


Fans: This is a great option that is multi-purpose. First, it’s functional to cool guests down during the ceremony. Second, it adds to your ceremony decor and emphasizes color palette or style of event. And third, of course as a favor for guests to keep.


Customized Beer Coozies: This is an easy way to bring in a fun element for a laid back party vibe. Initials, names, dates, or “Pura Vida” and using your wedding colors can make this a customized this item easily.


Add a Spark: Fun light-hearted favor. Sparklers, custom matchbooks.


And of course, for the guests who love to keep the celebration going:

Two words: Hangover Kit. When you have a wedding group who enjoys a good after party, hangover kits might have your guest thanking you for days to come. Locating the nearest store for Tylenol is not ideal when you have a hangover in a foreign country.   While planning your kit consider these items: Tylenol/Advil, Vitamin C, Water, Mints, Wipes, Chap Stick, Band-Aids, and even a door hanger that keeps housekeeping from knocking too early!


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