Our goal is to hear you say this was an amazing wedding and travel experience, and if you are joined by guests for them to say that was the best wedding they've ever been to and that they had an amazing experience in Costa Rica. We are here to help you and part of that assistance is recommending that you protect your plans from unexpected circumstances. The ways we can help are the following:

If you have insurance we will provide all of the paperwork that your insurance company requests to illustrate your expenses and non-reimbursable costs. We will complete the insurance forms free of charge.

If you cancel early enough we can obtain and provide you with a partial refund. In case of cancellation or modifications close to or during your trip we will do our best to recover whatever possible.

We are here to help the process be as easy as possible, but cannot be responsible for circumstances beyond our control. Insurance is designed to help protect you from incidents beyond your control.

By making payment on behalf of yourself and others, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our policies for your payment. You also acknowledge and accept the responsibility that anybody you are paying on behalf of has also read and understands these policies.

We strongly recommend purchasing trip insurance to protect your investment. You wouldn’t drive your car without insurance, so why would you travel without insurance? Mil Besos LLC is not an insurance company and cannot be held liable for any situation not incurred directly by the services that we provide including: missed or canceled hotels, tours or transportation, flight delays or cancellations, natural causes, rain, thunderstorms, tornado, hurricane, fire, theft, flood, landslide, flat tire, automotive problems, construction, health problems, pandemics, etc.. Mil Besos LLC is also not responsible for situations that can occur based on clients not providing reasonable or adequate information such as incorrect flight information, health issues, height or weight restrictions and/or limitations, etc.. This includes any situation that could reasonably be deemed as inadequate information provided by the client.

It is a common expectation that one would not receive a refund for airline tickets or events such as sports events or concerts but often there is an expectation that vacation components (transportation, accommodations, and activities) can be changed or cancelled at little or no expense.

This is not the case.

In Costa Rica reservations typically require 100% prepayment. Most reservations are not refundable. Changes, if allowed, depend on availability and often with a fee.

These policies are set by the hotels, activity providers, and transportation companies – we have no control over them and must abide by these policies. They make these policies basically because by blocking a room, tour time, or vehicle for you they lost opportunities to sell it to others. You will not receive compensation for unused items from these providers. That is the purpose of travel insurance.

We are not an insurance company and we do not receive compensation or commissions in any way from any kind of insurance company. We recommend insurance simply because we do not want to see our clients (or their guests) burned by unexpected changes or interruptions to plans.

We have found the following insurance providers to be reputable.

Insure My Trip

Travel Guard

The lowest cost plans have the most basic coverage and the most limited valid reasons for cancellation. The highest cost plans have more coverage including medical evacuation and are more flexible in reasons for cancellation including just deciding not to go.

All of the plans have reasons for claims including death, injury, birth and illness for the travelers and immediate family members, air travel problems due to weather, strikes, etc…

Mil Besos LLC is not responsible for any injuries (including death) while riding in any conveyance reserved/arranged by our company, or on any tour reserved/arranged by our company. You agree that there are inherent risks to travel, and agree to hold us blameless for any loss experienced while traveling. Please contact an insurance provider to obtain appropriate coverage.

Times, tours, hotels and locations are subject to change. Mil Besos LLC reserves the right to change hotels, tours or transportation based on availability to hotels, tours or transportation of equal or greater value. In the case that a first choice cannot be provided due to availability, the client will immediately be notified of available options.

Rental Car Clients: Unless otherwise specified in your travel plans, your rental car will have a manual transmission. Please request if you require an automatic transmission. Please note that rental car companies usually require a refundable deposit in the amount of $750 – $1,500 or more on your credit card for a deductible depending on the type of car. Please also note that most require a separate deposit if renting a cell phone or GPS with the car.

Payment Policies:

We utilize the following options for guest travel payments; Credit Card, ACH transfer, or Check. An online invoice will be sent to you and you can pay by your preferred method.

Regular Season dates:
* A $200 deposit is due to confirm reservations.  This deposit is non-refundable if you cancel your plans for any reason.

* For reservations made more than 3 months in advance: 50% of total reservation is due 90 days prior to arrival date and the remaining 50% balance is due by 60 days prior to arrival date.

* For reservations made within 2 months of arrival date:  Payment is due in full at the time of confirming the reservation.

* If a client does not make payment or other written and confirmed arrangements with Mil Besos LLC within 14 days of the scheduled payment due date, their travel may be subject to cancellation.

Peak Season Dates:
*Travel scheduled for December 20 – January 5 must be paid in full a minimum of 90 days in advance.

Government Taxes:
There are some situations which are out of our control such as government taxes, which means that we cannot be held responsible for changes in government taxes. The rate you have been provided is based on current government taxes. If the government changes tax policy prior to your final payment, the new tax rate will be applied to your final balance and will be based on your entire purchase price (not only the final payment). Remember, we are a service provider. We cannot control government regulations and have no way of predicting them.

Cancellation Policies for Wedding Couples for Wedding & Travel:

Cancellation 61 days or more before scheduled arrival will receive a 75% refund**

Cancellation 31 days to 60 days before scheduled arrival will be refunded 50% of full payment**

Cancellation 15 days to 30 days before scheduled arrival will be refunded 25% of full payment**

Cancellation 14 days or less before scheduled arrival are non-refundable.


Cancellation Policies for Guest Travel:

Cancellation 61 days or more before scheduled arrival will receive a full refund minus the $200 non-refundable deposit**

Cancellation 31 days to 60 days before scheduled arrival will be refunded 50% of full payment**

Cancellation 14 days to 30 days before scheduled arrival will be refunded 25% of full payment**

Cancellation 13 days or less before scheduled arrival will be refunded 0% of full payment.

Postponement / Cancellation Policies if Borders are Closed:

* Up to and including the day of arrival: If postponed, full credit will apply toward new dates minus a $50 per person rescheduling fee. Differences in the pricing of hotels, transportation, and/or activities may apply with new dates. If unable to travel the new postponed dates, the reservations will be canceled and a refund will be issued for full payment minus $200 cancellation fee for most reservations. Guest Reservation Form and Invoice will note if alternate policies apply for the specific property reserved in your plans.

**If an individual hotel, activity, or event vendor’s policies supersede our policies in any way, it will be added to the aforementioned policies. Examples: If you cancel your vacation 61 days prior to your vacation start date and one of the hotels required an earlier payment and has a zero refund policy, you will be refunded all but the $200 non-refundable deposit plus if any deposits are lost to the hotel / If a vendor has been paid a deposit that is non-refundable, you will be refunded all but the processing fee per person plus whatever deposit(s) is lost to the vendor(s).

Individual Hotel Cancellations: Hotels reserved individually or separately from group packages will be reserved with the policies of each individual hotel or resort. These policies can be furbished upon request. Mil Besos policies do not supercede individual hotel policies when reserved in this fashion.

Partial Group Cancellations

Cancellations made by individuals of a larger group are considered on an individual basis, based on the amount of money credited to us by providers. This is normally a small sum if canceled last minute as the transportation is likely still being used by other travelers and hotel rooms are still being used if you had roommates that are still traveling. Group rates are quoted based on the group sharing these items and we cannot ask other group members to pay more if you decide to cancel. Generally, the only credit given in these situations are for tours that are within the cancellation period of the tour operator when the total rate is not affected by the loss of the canceling participants. Due to the aforementioned, standard cancellation policies may not apply to partial group cancellations.

Mil Besos LLC abides all laws in accordance to those regulated by the United States of America. In the case of legal dispute, the  judicial system in Maryland, USA where Mil Besos LLC is incorporated, will determine judgments.