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Brittany's beautiful bouquet for their rainforest waterfall wedding in La Fortuna, Costa Rica! Wedding Planner & Design: Meghan Cox, Our Costa Rica Wedding Photo: Toh GouttenoireCosta Rica Bouquet

Real Wedding – Tatiana & Patrick – Waterfall Ceremony

Tatiana & Patrick were married at the base of a beautiful tropical waterfall, deep in the rainforest of Costa Rica. This couple was focused on the experience and immediately drawn to a destination wedding in Costa Rica.  They worked with Meghan in making this an unforgettable day. When you are in a location as pretty as this, it is hard to believe it can adequately be captured on film but Toh Gouttenoire was up to the challenge.  We love the results and we are happy to say Love + Wander agrees as they have featured this waterfall ceremony in their blog.  Love + Wander's focus is to "live an inspired life" ... wouldn't you agree that being married in Costa Rica is doing just that?  
Love+Wander Costa Rica Wedding

Love+Wander Costa Rica Wedding

Costa Rica Top Adventure Destination by Virtuoso

You know we love Costa Rica in the news! Costa Rica was designated a Top 10 Adventure Destination by Virtuoso! View photos here!

Rio Celeste Waterfall