When to get married in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a very unique country in that though it is very small, it is comprised of 12 different micro-climates! That being the case, no matter what time of year you would like to be married there is a part of the country that lends itself weather-wise. Generally speaking, November through May offers the best weather and overall experience in most parts of the country. The rest of the year, chances of rain shouldn't bother you as there are plenty of sites with roofs, and tents are easily arranged. Many people actually prefer May through Septemeber for the Florida-like climate with mid-afternoon showers that cool temperates down a bit and keep everything lush and green. Mid September through the end of October is considered the Green Season in most parts of the country, with heavier and more frequent rainfall. Should you wish to be married during this time period, we recommend the Caribbean side which offers beautiful summers at this time of year. As accommodations and services are more limited in this area, weddings should not exceed 30 guests. We have listed where the best options to be married are, based on time of year: January – May: Guanacaste, Central Pacific, Arenal Volcano June – Mid September: Guanacaste (with roof, tent, and/or other backup plan) Mid September – October: South Caribbean November - December: Guanacaste There are two parts of the year that should be avoided. These are the two Peak Weeks (Christmas/New Years and Easter) during the year when tourism is at its highest, hotel prices are substantially increased, quality of service is decreased and the most popular destinations are crowded. These factors make for an unpleasant and unsuccessful experience all around.

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