Any recommendations for Trip Insurance?

We highly recommend considering purchasing Travel Insurance. It is a common expectation that one would not receive a refund for airline tickets or events such as sports events or concerts but often there is an expectation that vacation components (transportation, accommodations, and activities) can be changed or cancelled at little or no expense.
This is not the case. In Costa Rica reservations typically require 100% prepayment.  Most reservations are not refundable.  Changes, if allowed, depend on availability and often with a fee. These policies are set by the hotels, activity providers, and transportation companies - we have no control over them and must abide by these policies.  They make these policies basically because by blocking a room, tour time, or vehicle for you they lost opportunities to sell it to others. You will not receive compensation for unused items as a result of illness, missed or cancelled flights, airline strikes, etc.. unless you purchase travel insurance. How to Buy Travel Insurance We are not an insurance company and we do not recieve compensation or commissions in any way from any kind of insurance company. We recommend insurance simply because we do not want to see our clients (or their guests) burned by unexpected changes or interruptions to plans. Insure My Trip Travel Guard To give you an idea of what it costs to insure your trip, costs and coverage will vary by company and your age (when medical coverage is included) and by the type of policy you select. Quotes run $38 to $126 total to cover two 30 year olds for a 5 day trip costing anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000, based on normal coverages selected. Complete medical coverage with evacuation & take me home plans can run up to the $300's. The lowest cost plan had the most basic coverage and the most limited valid reasons for cancellation. The highest cost plan had more coverage and was more flexible in reasons for cancellation. All of the plans had reasons for claims including death, injury, birth and illness for the travelers and immediate family memerbs, air travel problems due to weather, strikes, etc...   It is our goal to hear clients say they had the trip of the lifetime, and the event of the lifetime. We are here to help you and part of that assistance is recommending that you cover your butt 🙂  The ways we can help are: If you have insurance we will provide all needed paperwork to the insurance company to illustrate your expenses and non-reimbursable costs. We will do this free of charge. If you cancel early enough we will give you a partial refund. In case of modifications before or during your trip we will do our best.
We are here to help the process be as easy as possible, but cannot be responsible for items of which we have no control.  Insurance helps protect you from incidents beyond your control.

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